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Durasolar is a Dutch importer and wholesale supplier of high-end brand solar energy systems, comprising solar panels, inverters, mounting systems and all related products. Additionally, Durasolar coordinates, and develops turn-key medium to large scale solar projects in the Netherlands and abroad. The solar panels are increasingly sold through our partners and are increasingly invested in, without any subventions.

Companies, individuals, investors as well as governments are
to the right place at Durasolar BV for PV solar systems. Durasolar is advises on technical, financial and sustainability facets in the broadest sense of the word.

To achieve this, Durasolar aims to share knowledge and is committed to an intensive and long term customer-supplier relationship in order to build mutual competitive advantage. 'Thinking global and acting local' is one of the cornerstones of our business. 
For Durasolar, "sustainability" is not restricted to sustainability of its range of the products. At Durasolar, durability is reflected in its advice, daily management throughout the whole supply channels, customer relationships and continuous process improvement.

PV Solar installation on rooftop

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